The next novel by Nicholas Hogg will be DANNY LOVE, published by FREIGHT BOOKS early 2018.


DANNY LOVE is a feisty coming-of-age novel, set in the scorching summer of 1984. It follows twelve-year-old Danny Love on a mission from his Midlands estate to visit his dad, a convicted getaway driver serving time in the notorious Armley Prison, Leeds. Evoking a 1980s England vividly familiar to any Shane Meadows fan, it’s a journey full of comedy and tragedy – told with honesty and an undercurrent of violence, Danny finds the adult world trickier to navigate than he could ever have imagined.

“DANNY LOVE is a rare thing – an honest portrayal of young working-class life without a drop of sentimentality. It’s a mesmerising, wholly authentic story that readers will adore. We’re delighted to be working with Nicholas again.” Adrian Searle, Publisher, Freight Books

“I wanted to write an unabashed character with a real voice, a protagonist that could push the reader head first into the helter-skelter ride of a runaway boy, recalling the friendship of Stephen King’s Stand By Me, 1980s punk, and the wayward thrills of a childhood filled with freedom and danger.” Nicholas Hogg


“DANNY LOVE is like speeding along a badly-lit highway, flashes of brilliance illuminating the deepest dark. Hogg’s intensely poetic vision is interspersed with moments of low comedy, like crack smoked with laughing gas. And more than anything, DANNY LOVE is true: if you want to know how it felt to be a working-class kid in the 1980s, this is it.” Anthony McGowan

“Raw, violent, visceral and thrillingly addictive, DANNY LOVE is the brutal story of a boy slipping the noose of a 1980s working-class estate to try and reach his absent father. Delivered at a breathless, page-a-minute pace this is Nicholas Hogg at his best: gripping, honest, darkly comic at turns, and cut through with twisted romanticism.” Rob Cowen, author of Common Ground

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